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Talent Strategy

The company adhere to the principle of human resource is the first resource, the amount applied, for posts, the use of competition nengshangnengxia, stimulate their potential and creativity, to give talent to growth conditions, enhance the value of staff's ability and contribution to the staff of the enterprise value, the integrity, diligence, business ability high efficiency talents talent shows itself.

The company attaches great importance to development of each employee's occupation, the implementation of staff training, establish a learning team, for employees at home and abroad to develop and provide professional training for multi levels, including new staff training, management training, overseas study, interviews, in order to enhance the overall quality and professional ability of employees. Through all kinds of training, not only to enhance the personal value of employees, but also to promote the company's overall knowledge structure and the continuous improvement of the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

Talent strategy: the basic objective of human resource management, is the establishment of a high-quality, high level and high degree of team unity, and create a self motivation, self-discipline and promoting mechanism of talent talent shows itself to provide effective protection for the enterprise's rapid growth and efficient operation.
The basic norms of human resources management is trust, fairness, incentive, restraint, cultivation, elimination and the discovery of talent, the amount applied, with the director.
The soldier is not in the public, but in the essence of the human resources management in the selection mechanism of the survival of the fittest, to promote the outstanding talent, to achieve the rational allocation of human resources.

We strive to do our best to provide the best opportunities and conditions for each employee, through hard work, as well as the ability to grow in the work, are likely to gain a job or job promotion. We do not rigidly adhere to the seniority and level, the implementation of promotion of outstanding talent and outstanding contributor. However, we advocate gradual.

"The world is difficult, it was easy to do; world affairs, will do in detail" we encourage each employee by the staff as to achieve the overall goal of enterprise to make contribution, and the implementation of the performance appraisal system, performance evaluation on performance improvement, work attitude and work ability evaluation focused on the long-term performance.

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