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R & D strength

  With great importance attached to technology research and development the company established its own technological center in 2007, which has got through the certification of High-Tech Research and Development Center of Taizhou City in 2010 and provincial identification in 2011. On the basis of the past dispersing sectors of development, design, workmanship, experiment and test, the technological center has adjusted its structure, innovated the institution and optimized human resource. Through communicating and cooperating with the predominant research institute at home, the technological center since its establishment formed a autonomous research and development oriented developing system supplemented with the combination of “production, study and research” and introduction of absorption, assimilation and innovation. We should stick to the company’s traditional advantages of vibration damping products, providing the users with set facilities and relevant products to solve the problems of noise, vibration and comfort of automobiles. The capability of research and development is further improved by bringing in talents and adding test facilities of international level. Shitai Company is dedicated itself to building a new type of technological center integrating "materials development, products design with performance test”, capable of synchronizing its design and development with the major automobile company.





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