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Testing Center

    The subordinate laboratory of technological center is the important institution of research and development technological center. We have established material performance and productive performance laboratory with the total test areas of 800 square meters. Equipped with 30 sets of advanced detection, experiment and testing equipments the center is capable of all kinds of test projects of original materials, rubber compound, semi-finished products and finished products.

    The laboratory is equipped with the America MTS Multi-Channel Automobile Fatigue Test Stand, Britain Static Stiffness Servo Dynamic Tester, ozone aging test box, rubber bush, vibration damping durable test-bed, rubber sealed durable tester with ball shape, high accuracy rotary testing machine, plastic thermal deformation vicat temperature tester, Charpy impact testing machine, 200℃ high temperature aging test chamber, -60℃ multifunctional rubber sheath tester, all-weather xenon lamp test chamber, computer universal testing machine, sulfur changing instrument without rotors, Menni viscosity meter, salt spray testing chamber, 1/10000 analytical balance, metallurgical microscope and other testing equipments.



MTS Multi channel Fatigue test rig

High precision torsion testing machine 

 Fatigue test rig 

 Dynamic and static stiffness Servo Tester 

 Fatigue endurance test bench for vibration damper  

Material performance test room panorama

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